NZ Flag Consideration Roadshow

Client: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Event Type: 4 month Nation-wide Public Engagement Roadshow

Project Date: 2015

Verve’s Responsiblities:

  • Project & Budget Management
  • Programme Logistics, LOTS of logistics!
  • Sourcing locations and planning roadshow locations
  • Project Staffing

In the lead up to 2015′ National Referendum on the New Zealand Flag – Verve was engaged to help facilitate a national discussion on the flag and what it stood for. This public consultation project ¬†travelled the length of New Zealand, popping up in farmers markets, town squares, shopping malls and all sorts of places.

The campaign was neutral in regards to a particular outcome from the referendum – but simply asked the question, “What do you stand for?” – encouraging everyday kiwis to think about their values and what is important to them.

Flag Consideration Roadshow
Taking the message to the malls and streets
Flag Consideration Roadshow