Shiny Side Up Bike Fest – Kapiti

Client: NZTA, ACC & Greater Wellington City Council

Event Type: 1 Day Public Event

Attendance: 3000

Verve’s Involvement: Annual (on-going) from 2016

Verve’s Responsibilities:

  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Content Planning

Shiny Side Up Bike Fest is the big day out for bikers and riders.  In it’s third year, the event again invites motorcycle enthusiasts to roll up and soak up the smorgasbord menu of stalls, demo’s, presenters and more – all with a motorcycle theme.

Verve was brought on board to use our logistical and operations expertise to plan and manage the event site – taking charge of managing all suppliers, staff, permitting and operations. Verve also provided guidance and support in critical items such as event programming and content, project management, PR and stakeholder management.

Shiny Side Up
Sharing the safety message
Shiny side up drawing the crowds