Verve’s Guide to Events Through the Alert Levels



Verve’s Guide to Events Through the Alert Levels

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when”
In the words of the WW2 song made famous by Vera Lynn, we don’t know when we will be meeting or holding events again – but we do know we will meet again someday. 

The government has released information on how events will be managed at each of the different alert levels. Here’s our guide*.

Nah, nada, no. Outside of your bubble, no in-person events allowed.
It’s virtual all the way!

In the events world nothing will change from level 4 except for funerals, tangihanga or wedding ceremonies. A maximum of 10 people can attend and receptions or functions are not allowed.
No scope here to hold events – online events are still the only option.

Here’s where it gets interesting. We can hold events indoors for up to 100 people or 500 outside. Given it’s likely to be winter, we’re not suggesting we move conferences outside, but there will be scope to hold small outdoor events where social distancing can be managed.
Non-essential travel is still restricted which will limit audiences to those who live local or regional. There will be an emphasis on safe events which means contact tracing through accreditation and registration will be important, a focus on venue and personal hygiene and the need for lower capacities in venues. Unwell people will have to remain at home.
At level 2, Verve’s Social Connect events come into play.

There are no restrictions to gatherings at level 1, but all is not yet normal. In the absence of a definitive COVID-19 test, it is likely that international travellers will still need to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival.
Hybrid events are an option at level 1, with online content created for internationals and those unable to travel.

Our borders will be open but there will be heightened border controls. Events will return to our calendars and we will be thankful to meet in person with colleagues and friends from around the country.
Given our COVID-19 experience, what will have changed?
Our audiences and communities have experienced the power of virtual events. Our prediction is that with the increased online experience coupled with the need to consider sustainability measures, we will see more events include a mix of online and on-demand content, and satellite locations.

*based on the alert level advice issued by the NZ Government 16 April. Subject to change at any time! Details here:

Satellite Connect and Hybrid Events

Prior to COVID-19 we were working on several sustainability initiatives with our clients. As travel is often the greatest environmental cost of events, we knew we needed to develop online options that complemented what we were achieving with live events. The result has been the launch of our Satellite Connect and Hybrid events. 

Satellite Connect
Smaller regional meetings connected to create one shared experience. Each satellite contributes content and all groups can engage through technology. With careful curation and the right technology, Satellite Connect events provide opportunities for in-person and online engagement.

With one main event in a single location we add online and/or regional ‘observer’ events. Hybrid events create the opportunity to extend your audience beyond the walls of the venue.

We’ve all been experiencing the plethora of webinars and online summits on offer. Designed and delivered well, virtual events keep your community informed and connected when in-person isn’t an option.

To find out more about how Verve can help you manage your events through COVID-19 and beyond contact me to arrange a Zoom call, email me at  I’d love to explore options with you and answer any questions you may have.

All the best and stay safe,